SafeBus Technologies, Inc.

iPhnone_boxSafeBus Technologies, Inc. is an Atlanta, GA based company providing safety and security for our children to and from school on the bus! The Company was founded in 2012 to launch a unique hi-tech student log-in and tracking system, designed for multiple uses on buses, vans and other transporting vehicles, and sending timely notifications to parents.

Major SchoolBus Child Safety Concerns

Every day in the US, children are abandoned in unattended vehicles, because the child may have fallen asleep, an unsuspecting driver forgets that a student is still on the vehicle, or even simple indifference. Since 2000, at least 272 children have died left in hot, unattended vehicles in the US alone, according to General Motors research, and the actual number is likely even higher. The total number of non-fatal accidents or incidents where some harm came to children passengers is estimated at 16,000 to 19,000 occurrences annually.

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Likewise, there are numerous instances of students getting harassed or even abducted from bus stops either before or after school, as 100% surveillance on our children is virtually impossible. Due to ever-increasing dangers and a surprising rise in harmful incidents to young children, many states are beginning to mandate that school vehicles incorporate a system that tracks its student riders, pre-K through 12, who ride the school buses and vans on a daily basis.

The Company has developed a proprietary solution for tracking K-12 and daycare students being transported to and from school, in buses or vans. When students get off the bus, either at the school or returning home, the SafeBus Alert™ Software enables the driver to easily and accurately check each child on or off the bus.


The time and location of the departing student is then recorded and immediately sent to the school, the district and the parents, providing failsafe monitoring, and thus, improved security. The recorded student information, including passengers, loading times, and absentees, are uploaded to the school district server, and also to the Cloud computing storage repository, where it can be held, saved, and distributed to teachers and parents as needed.

The SafeBus Alert™ System utilizes tablet technology, in the form of one-touch iPad stations, mounted on the vehicle dashboard near the driver, where the children get on and off the vehicle. Proprietary custom software technology allow the driver to quickly check each kid on board, and time stamp the time and location for each student actually boarding the bus, providing an accurate record.

The SafeBus Station™, including the powerful one-touch tablet with pre-configured SafeBus Alert™ Software, is now available for sale or lease to school districts as a total enterprise solution for their fleet.concerned for his or her child’s safety, and protecting them is of utmost importance, a full-time job.